Future Litters and Planned Breedings

Please look for 2 Pick of the Litter puppies from Flynn in April. He bred to a faded black & silver miniature sized schnauzer and a black schnauzer. Only expecting standard colors with this pairing.

Flynn has sired a litter with beautiful little 6lb London from Dreammakers Puppies & they are due the 21st January. Her pregnancy has been confirmed and she is pregnant with 5 puppies! All puppies will be AKC Registered & gorgeous just like their mom & dad.

Lila has been bred to Flynn!!
Please look for her puppies due March 13th if breeding was successful. We are expecting supercoated toy and teacup puppies in Black & Silver, Black, Liver, and Liver & Tan. All puppies will be AKC Registered.

I reserve the right to pick of any litter for use in my program if there is no “pick of the litter” owed to another breeder. All puppies will be sold on a spay/neuter contract and registration papers will be held until certificate of pet sterilization has been received.

Waiting list for puppies:
1. Nadine-Pick of the Litter from Lila
2. Nadine-Pick of the Litter from Lizzy
3. Vicky-Pick of the litter from Cassee
4. Susan-Pick of the Litter from Caurie Leigh (thank you for Max)
5. Valerie H.-female-deposit received 10/31/10
6. Kathy W.-paid in full

Cassee (8lbs) is due in heat in late January. We plan to breed her with adorable supercoated Princeton (liver pepper parti)


Caurie Leigh is due in heat in February.


Jubilee (8lbs) and Jazzi (9-10lbs) are due in heat any time now and we are excited about the possibility of breeding them with Romeo of Dreammaker’s Puppies. Stay tuned for news on Jazzi and Jubilee.

DSC01402panhandlejubilee PanhandleJazzy