Meet our Moms

Izzy Macie smaller img


Izzy is a beautiful liver pepper parti megacoated girl. She has a wonderful, calm personality. She is attentive and relaxed and loves to be held in your lap like a baby. Izzy gets a LOT of attention wherever we go because she is such a stunner. Her laid back personality combined with her drop dead good looks makes people stop and take notice whenever we have her out with us. I’m told by my good friend Johnny that I have the second most beautiful schnauzer out there. I disagree.... but I’ll take it :o)

Izzy weighs 9 pounds and her parents were 8 pounds. We expect toy and teacup babies from her. Look for a litter from her in June 2011

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This is Izzy! Her mom was salt and pepper and her dad was liver pepper parti.


Macie is as cute as a bug! She is a liver & tan megacoated girl with a very outgoing personality. She loves everyone and wants to play play play!! Macie weighs about 6 SOLID pounds right now. She is very square bodied and stocky just like we love em! We don’t expect her to get much bigger and hope to have toy and teacup puppies. She will be bred to our liver teacup Tank.


This is Macie! Her mother was liver pepper parti and her father was solid chocolate. Sadie is also in the picture with her playing.


Sadie is a gorgeous solid white little girl with some parti that does not show through her hair! She has a super soft supercoat that is easy to brush out that will hopefully be passed on to her babies one day. She has a sweet personality and loves to give kisses and snuggle. She rarely barks or whines and is so gentle with all of the other dogs.



Cassee is a beautiful little platinum silver girl with the most amazing black eyelashes! The combination of her very light silver hair with those thick black eyelashes is so dramatic. She loves to be held and follows me all around the house. Cassee weighs 8lbs and has super soft hair.

DSC01330DSC01353 DSC01352DSC01340DSC01336


We would like to welcome Lila to our home. Lila is a liver & tan tiny little girl. She weighs about 7 pounds and has cute little features. Look for a litter from Lila in March 2011.


Caurie Leigh

Caurie Leigh is a solidly built liver & tan phantom toy schnauzer. She is a stocky little 7.5lb and loves everyone.



This lovely lady is Lizzy. She is a sweetheart of a girl and owns my niece and her family. She has had beautiful supercoated puppies and we can’t wait for puppies from her one day. She lives in the beautiful state of Tennessee with our Max and her new friend Lulu Belle. Below the pictures of Lizzy are pictures of her past puppies.

DSC01547DSC01553Tucker-4-24-10_5660WH Tucker (2)luca pup 001 (640x480)pups june 21 009 (640x480)


Jazzi is a very striking toy size liver parti. She has gorgeous bright amber eyes and the sweetest temperament ever! What a lovely girl she is to have with us. She loves to snuggle with us to watch a movie and loves to sleep with my son at night. Often I find him on the edge of the bed because she has snuggled up so close to him.

She is not supercoated but has lovely supercoat babies when bred with a male that is. She has maintained her very dark liver coloring. This will be Jazzi’s last litter. After this litter she is going to live with my mother and be her forever cherished baby. Jazzi is the most loving sweet natured girl. She is obedient and loves to please her person. She seems to pick a favorite person and becomes their shadow. Right now I am her favorite person and she rubs against my legs like she is a cat. I can’t think of a sweeter dog to give to my mother to be her best little friend. She is gentle and attentive... a perfect dog to give to my mom :o) Jazzi is going to go live in the best forever home where she will be the center of my mom’s world now. She’s a very lucky girl and we have been fortunate to have her with us. Thank you Cathy Martin for bringing Jazzi into our lives. We love her SO MUCH!!


Jazzi’s mother All That Jazz is a solid liver toy size mini owned by Dreammaker’s Puppies.


We are so happy to have Jubilee with us! She is a megacoated solid liver also out of All that Jazz owned by Dreammaker’s Puppies. She also has the beautiful amber eyes and is such a funny girl. She loves to give hugs...yes she gives hugs and likes to spin in circles when she is excited. Jubilee is our little Macie’s grandmother so you can see the quality of puppies that come from her lines. Jubilee is very compact and square bodied just like our Macie. We expect to have a knockout litter of puppies from her in March or April 2011. Thank you Cathy Martin for bringing us Jubilee.