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Panhandle Toy & Teacup Miniature Schnauzers

Welcome to our site for quality toy and teacup size AKC registered miniature schnauzers from the beautiful state of West Virginia!


This is Macie! Her parents were Liver & Tan and Liver Pepper Parti. Jubilee is her grandmother.

We are a small family breeder of our beloved toy miniature schnauzers. We find miniature schnauzers to be the most loyal, intelligent, loving, FUN, non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed out there. All of our dogs are raised in our home where they enjoy lots of room to play.

When we decided to raise toy schnauzers and teacup schnauzers our goal was to provide top quality puppies from a reputable breeder. We have loved miniature schnauzers since 1992 when we got our first one. Our decision at the time was based on the fact that schnauzers are great for people who have dog allergies. They are non-shedding so make a great companion for people who are allergic to dogs since they are hypoallergenic.

Once we had one miniature schnauzer we just had to have another and currently we have six that we own. We fell in love with the rare colors such as the liver & tan, parti, white, white chocolate (or white with liver points), chocolate (or liver), and liver pepper parti so have decided to specialize not only in toy and tcup sizes but also in these rare colors. We also expect to have black & silver phantoms like our Flynn (pictured below), salt & pepper, and solid black. Our dogs have all been selected based on their health, disposition, and confirmation and that of their parents. We expect them to have luscious supercoats that are to die for!

I am happy to say that our dog’s come from excellent lines including
Dreammakers Puppies, Showstopper Schnauzers, Lonestar Farms, Music Maker’s, and Parti Tyme Schnauzers. John & Susan from Dreammakers and Stephanie from Southern Pride have been instrumental in helping us learn more about the schnauzer breeding world. Katherine Reed and Cathy Martin have been incredibly helpful to us while selecting our dogs.

Thank you for stopping by our website. Please check back often to see our available puppies and future litters pages.